The economics of healthier choices

The economics of healthier choices

None of us have a money tree in the back yard. Many of us are feeling the pinch of tight economic times. Some of us are barely staying afloat …

Grocery shopping these days can be stressful, even more so if you are looking for healthier choices. Organic fruits and vegetables and hormone free / preservative free meat usually cost more than “traditional” foods. Trying to find foods low in sodium and sugar, free of artificial colours or msg can be a challenge.

The cost of eating healthy certainly can be high … but the price of not making an effort to make healthier choices could be pricier … people who choose not to invest in healthier options could be gambling with their well being.

Most companies who supply the foods in grocery stores are not concerned with keeping you healthy, they are more concerned about making a profit. To do this, they will take short cuts to increase productivity, they will add colours, sugar, salt and preservatives to make more money. The popularity of their products and their financial gains are priority one to them, not producing healthy foods.

Over the years many of the fruits and vegetables grown for us have changed. Companies have changed them intentionally … to look better, shinier and with less flaws. They have been altered to be more resistant to disease and pests. Unfortunately, these genetically modified foods have also lost some of their nutrition. The big conglomerates who changed the genes of these foods did so with the intention of increasing their profits, with little consideration for anything else.

Companies also spend millions of dollars advertising their processed food and beverages … and we are often brainwashed into buying their not so good goods. Often they taste yummy … many unhealthy edibles are full of creamy fats or packed with sugar … unfortunately they pollute our bodies, making us overweight, susceptible to high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and several other health issues.

Discounted food items in the stores are most often lacking in nutrition and usually not very healthy. It’s not surprising that people in less fortunate financial situations have poorer health. They most often can’t afford healthier foods, and are forced to purchase less expensive (and less healthy) foods.

Even eating out usually involves having to spend a little more to help create a healthier meal. There can often be an additional charge to substitute a salad or an extra slice of tomato. Don’t kid yourself – you are worth it!

Every month I see more healthy options in the grocery stores, and as time goes on I believe more people will come to realize the importance of making healthier food choices … supply and demand will help make healthy food more affordable.

Investing in your health now is a much wiser choice than paying with your health later. The higher priced food items you choose now can help you avoid ugly health issues down the road. The sooner you start, the greater the benefits.

~ Pete Szekely

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