If you are reading this, it’s likely you care about your health. Maybe you are trying to improve your eating habits. Perhaps you are watching your sodium intake, reading labels and checking for artificial flavours or colours, trying to avoid MSG or gluten or meat …

It’s likely (if you are anything like me) you have a few health related battles you are fighting. Maybe (if you are anything like me) you are trying to compensate for a misspent youth.
At times it’s not easy. Shopping requires patience and takes longer … reading labels can slow you down and searching for healthier products takes a little more energy … but worth it. With effort comes results – shopping and cooking may be tougher, but the rewards are well worth it.
You have decided to try to improve who you are and invest in yourself. You are on a journey to a better place, a longer life and hopefully will avoid some of the nasty health hazards we dread.
Of course, it would be easier to not worry about ingredients. Life is simpler not worrying about labels, choosing foods because they taste good or are simple and easy to prepare … many people shut down – overwhelmed by information overload, not knowing what to believe.
Some people have decided to “live life to the fullest” and live without limitations. They want to live large, live fast and enjoy every morsel life has to offer.

You have chosen to take the extra time, because you care enough. You care enough about yourself and those you love to take the time and make the extra effort. You have made better health a priority in your life and have not allowed yourself to be just another complacent consumer.
It’s not easy to rise above the barrage of advertisements, sugary sweets in the employee break room and other trappings … but most of the time you do pretty good. You’re not perfect … you still have certain temptations that are bumps in the road, but you have realized that many of the things in our world may be contributing to our health problems.
Maybe you’ve had a close call with your health. Perhaps you’ve quit smoking, and are continuing down the path of improving good things in your life.
It may be that you’re tired of being tired. You may be looking for answers to why some things you might or might not be eating are leaving you frustrated or disappointed.
Perhaps you’ve come across some articles on organics and want to explore smarter, safer food options. Maybe you’ve read about genetically modified fruits or grains and want to find healthier alternatives.
Kudos to you. You deserve to be healthy, and you are willing to go the extra mile. Feel proud of your intentions, your intelligence and perseverance.

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