4 Keys to a Happy, Healthy Winter

4 Keys to a Happy, Healthy Winter

The term “winter blues” gets tossed around a lot when days get short and chilly weather sets in. But regardless of the season, there’s plenty to be upbeat about—even if you can’t take a stroll in your shorts and tank top (unless you live in Florida). Here are some things that keep my winters from being anything but blue.

1. Don’t let the holidays stress you out.
For some, the holidays are a time of joy and togetherness—but for so many of us they’re just stressful. That feeling of “go, go, go” can wear you out and get you down. Don’t fall into that hustle-and-bustle trap. If you feel yourself heading in that direction, follow the tips in Holiday Stress Relief with Natural Remedies.
2. Keep your immune system strong.
There’s nothing worse than a prolonged bout of winter cold or flu, but inevitably there’s always “something going around.” Keep germs at bay by bolstering your immune system, which you can do by eating less sugary foods (sugar and your immune system don’t get along well), staying active, stressing less and sleeping at least eight hours each night. For excellent advice on immune system health, check out 12 Strategies to Strengthen Your Immune System (making more love is even on the list!).
3.  Stay busy with fun projects.
I know some people who get the so-called winter blues because all the things they love to do involve being outside in the summer—so they end up feeling incredibly bored all winter, claiming there’s “nothing to do.” I say hogwash. Winter is a fantastic time to tackle cool, new projects. Whether you want to take on a big project like building an earth oven or try something a little smaller like setting up an indoor worm composting bin, sending handwritten letters to old friends, or knitting a hat, I bet you can find several activities that you’ll truly enjoy.
4. Do something every day that makes you feel cozy.

While summertime fun is fantastic, I think the feeling of coziness is one of the best feelings there is—and for me, true, authentic, downright coziness only happens in winter. So, for at least 30 minutes every day, do something that makes you feel cozy. Drink a great cup of tea. Build a fire. Put on some warm, fuzzy socks or slippers. Grab your favorite blanket and curl up with a good book. And enjoy!

      December 24, 2011      source: care2.com

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