3 reasons to eat more mushrooms

3 reasons to eat more mushrooms

By Canadian Living

From fighting cancer to reducing the risk of heart disease, mushrooms are a tasty source of nutrition. Discover three great reasons to eat more mushrooms, plus three tested-till-perfect mushroom recipes from our Test Kitchen.
Mushrooms make a meaty and nutritious addition to any meal, from rich pasta sauces to refreshing salads. Bursting with antioxidants and Vitamin D, the regular consumption of mushrooms can help protect against breast cancer and other health problems. 


Here are three great reasons to eat more mushrooms:

1. They fight cancer
Recent studies suggest that consuming mushrooms may help protect against breast cancer. Maitake, cremini, portobello, oyster and white button varieties all showed promising effects, so sauté a mix of mushrooms in tonight’s stir-fry.

2. They’re high in heart-healthy antioxidants
Mushrooms contain ergothioneine, an antioxidant that may reduce the risk of heart disease and high triglyceride levels. Exotic mushrooms, such as maitake and shiitake, have the highest amounts of ergothioneine.

3. They’re a rich source of vitamin D
Mushrooms are the only vegetable that contains vitamin D, a hard to find nutrient that’s important for the health of your bones and immune system. Health Canada recommends you get 600 IU of vitamin D a day. Shiitake mushrooms have the most vitamin D (five percent of your daily value per 100-gram serving), followed by white button mushrooms (one percent).

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