How To Get Natural Energy

How To Get Natural Energy

Whether you’re a 3 cups of joe a day kind of person, or you slug down a 5 hour energy drink at about 2pm, you’re looking for energy in all the wrong places. Obtaining your energy from healthy sources is not only better for your body, but provides a longer lasting, more effective boost.

There are a number of ways to rid fatigue naturally, from eating the right breakfast to having a lunchtime workout.  Check out your options to decide which energy boosters will work for you.
It’s All about the Nutrients
Often times, the gateway to more energy can be found in your diet. Vitamins and minerals in whole food sources like leafy greens, eggs, chicken, and fish work for you by converting body fat and glucose into fatigue-fighting sources of energy.  For example, suggests, “A small healthy snack that is low in sugar and has protein and/or fiber a couple hours after lunch helps you finish off the day strong.” So, what should you be looking for?
  • B vitamins: Whether you’re taking a supplement or noshing on some leafy greens, be sure that you’re getting B vitamins throughout the day. B-2 works to turn carbs and fats into energy, while B-3 converts glucose into energy boosting power. .
  • Protein:  As a slow energy releaser, protein helps prevent your blood sugar from fluctuating, keeping your energy at a steady pace. Have some peanut butter and banana for your mid-morning snack or grab leftover chicken for lunch.
  • Ginseng: This herb can be found in tea, and is a great energy booster for your slow morning. According to, “Most people who use ginseng over a two to three month period experience a sense of well-being and stamina and say it improves both mental and physical performance.”

Start Your Day Right

While your diet, as a whole, plays an important role in your all-day energy, starting the day right is key to getting on track and staying there.  Whether you’re a morning person or not, there are a variety of habits you can get into that will keep fatigue at bay as you truck into work.
  • Avoid the snooze button: Although 6am may come early, it’s been found that the most successful people are up early in the morning. Starting your day before the rest of the world means you’re not going to work half asleep. Set a limit for hitting the snooze button and stick with it.
  • Workout:  The best way to shake morning fatigue is to get your body working.Working out at night can affect sleep due to raised body temperature and metabolism. However, thanks to your body’s natural mechanics, it can be a great tool for long term natural energy for your busy day.
  • The right breakfast: Think protein, high carb, and high fiber. Try oatmeal with old fashioned oats, and toss in fruit, flax, or cinnamon. Avoid simple carbohydrates, such as white bread, as these are quickly turned into fat, leaving you feeling sluggish.

The Mid-Day Boost
When is fatigue most likely to hit? Mid-afternoon, when productivity has worn off and lunch is sitting in your stomach, you are likely to feel a lapse in energy that will leave you running to the coffee machine for cup number 3. The reasons for your mid-morning slump run the gamut, but experts have a simple reasoning. “… Experts believe our bodies are actually programmed to take an afternoon nap thanks to our circadian rhythms, which in turn are controlled by our very own built-in body clock.” So, instead of walking to the coffee machine take it elsewhere.
  • Your fatigue fighting lunch: Dig into protein packed lunches, such as a tuna salad, grilled chicken, or bean salad. This will take over where your morning protein left off, giving you enough energy to get through the day.
  • Go Outside: Exposure to light increases your levels of melatonin, increasing alertness. Go outside for a few minutes in the afternoon to get back on track.
  • Get active:  Not only does your body kick into action, spurring a natural energy booster, but taking focus off work and onto something else allows you to rejuvenate your mind, giving you more energy, which leads to better productivity. Consider walking, doing the stairs, or hitting the gym.
  • Avoid sugar: When your body receives sugar, blood sugar levels spike, but not for long. While you’ll get a quick boost that seems effective, you’ll soon be back where you started.
Purchasing your energy from a gas station shelf should be the last resort. Taking advantage of natural energy boosters is not only healthier but much more effective. Utilizing sustainable energy sources leaves you feeling alert and awake longer, more successfully. So, plan for your all-day energy, starting with the right breakfast and ending with a good night’s sleep.
Jessica Sanders is a professional blogger, writing for a variety of publications about health and lifestyle. She helps families stay healthy as the blogger for mygofer, a grocery delivery service, and shares her health knowledge across the web. 

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