3 benefits of basil

3 benefits of basil

By Canadian Living

Fresh and fragrant basil is a great way to make your meal more flavourful in a healthy way. Not only is basil a common cooking ingredient, it’s also used medically to treat common ailments such as headaches and coughs.

Here are three benefits of basil: 

1. Basil offers (almost) calorie-free flavour. 
Adding 2 tbsp of fragrant basil to your salad or pasta will bump up the taste – and add just one tiny calorie. 

2. It provides antibacterial protection. 
Washing fresh produce in a solution that contains one percent basil essential oil is an all-natural way to reduce bacteria such as E. coli and Listeria, which can cause food poisoning. You can also make a vinaigrette with fresh-pressed basil and mist it on your salad greens.

3. Basil helps blood clot properly. 
Basil is an excellent source of vitamin K, which is necessary for normal blood coagulation and overall bone health. Adults need 90 micrograms a day; adding 2 tbsp of freshly chopped basil to tonight’s stir-fry will give you 22. (Note: If you take blood-thinning drugs, you may need to limit foods that are rich in vitamin K.)

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