10 Ways To Restore Energy When You're Exhausted Or Burned Out

10 Ways To Restore Energy When You're Exhausted Or Burned Out


You have the power to cultivate energy within your body in any moment. Even when you’re exhausted, burned out and feel like you’ve got nothing left to give, your body can guide you to a space of greater vitality, inner strength and wellbeing.

Here are some strategies that I’ve used in my own life to do just that:

1. Rest when your body says rest.

It’s important to follow your body’s cues on when you need to rest rather than pushing yourself beyond what you can handle and then crashing. If in doubt, rest. When you listen to your body and give yourself the rest you need, you’ll rebuild your energy over the long-term.

2. Cultivate stillness within you.

There’s an incredible healing power in stillness. Prioritize creating quiet spaces in your day where you can simply be still. Really allow yourself to feel the stillness around you, letting it soak into your body. Notice that you too, that you also hold a stillness within the core of who you are.

3. Practice whole-body breathing.

Each day, take time out to breathe consciously. Feel your breath inside your body and notice how far it reaches within you. With each inhalation and exhalation, feel your breath extend further into your body (until it feels like every cell in your whole body is breathing). Then relish that feeling of life within your body.

4. Nourish your body wholeheartedly.

Be conscious and heartfelt in how you nourish your body by choosing foods that feel inherently good for you. Notice which foods provide a sense of restoration and healing in your body. And if you’re unsure, ask your innermost self what your body needs in this moment.

5. Explore gentle and restorative movement.

Integrating gentle movement into your day can help you connect more fully with your body and self. Light walking, stretching, restorative yoga, and similar activities can be wholly supportive of you regaining energy in your body and life. Explore various types of movement and see what feels right for your body.


6. Have compassion for your self.

We gain energy from love and compassion. Be gentle with yourself when you’re exhausted, and treat yourself kindly. Be kind in your thoughts and feelings towards your self as well as in your actions. Feel love and compassion in your heart and extend that warmth to yourself regularly.

7. Stop doing what drains you.

You’ll instantly feel lighter and more alive when you choose to stop doing what drains you. Be aware of how your body responds to various things, people, places and experiences in your life; genuinely consider whether they support and fulfill you, or deplete you of energy.

8. Nurture what inspires you.

The feeling of inspiration is energizing in itself. Get clear on what truly inspires you by checking for that feeling of energy deep in your body. It may show up as a burning desire or an inner knowledge of your truth, but once you’ve found it, feed and nurture it through your thoughts, energy, and actions.

9. Be vigilant with your time.

Learn to guard your time like the precious gift that it is. Choose wisely in how you spend it, ensuring that you schedule plenty time and space to care for yourself. Don’t be quick to give it away, but when you do, be sure to give it willingly from a place of wholeheartedness.

10. Look for a deeper meaning.

When you can see meaning in your experience of exhaustion or burnout, you’ll instantly feel lighter. Get curious about the lesson in this challenging time. When you do, you’ll feel a genuine appreciation for your experiences, knowing that you’ll grow and evolve as a result, and be able to contribute more fully to this world.

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