10 Tips To Raise Your Energetic Vibration Today

10 Tips To Raise Your Energetic Vibration Today


Raising your energetic vibration helps you, helps those around you, and helps the world. Here are ten simple things you can do today to start raising your energy. Try all of them or just one… either way it should make your day brighter and better.

1. Do yoga.

Yoga makes you feel good, both physically and mentally. Even if you only have time for one pose, do it. Do it at your desk, on the plane, in your living room. If you have time for a full class, completely surrender yourself to the practice and simply let the dance of yoga flow.

2. Connect with an animal.

Animals have humanity if you only pay enough attention. I love playing with my dogs and noticing their thoughts come into real-live actions, their sense of humor, loyalty, and passion.

3. Give someone a genuine hug.

I’m not talking about the kind of hug where your shoulders pop out of their sockets to create the most amount of space between you and your hugging partner. I’m talking full body, full emotions, hug it like you mean it. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be hugging that person in the first place. (Or they shouldn’t be hugging you.)

4. Watch a tree in the wind.

Trees tell their own story, they have seen a lot. They are a perfect definition of the balance between strength and grace.


5. Do a random act of kindness.

Buy a coworker a cookie, or pick up something someone dropped for them. One random act of kindness leads to another, and each time you do something good for someone else, you plant a brand new good seed.

6. Smile.

Smile at people, babies, dogs, and life. The other day I passed a grumpy-looking man in a garbage truck who seemed to be scowling at me. I looked and him and gave him my brightest smile, and the scowl completely melted off his face and he beamed just as brightly. I hope that he passed that smile on to someone else.

7. Listen to birds.

They tell a story. You can tell when they are upset, interacting, or just singing for the pleasure of it. Their sounds are music for human ears.

8. Be light on your feet.

Leap, dance, and tread lightly. Skip for no reason, and don’t drag your feet. Don’t forget we’re all walking atop our lovely Mother Earth and she’s already taken enough of a beating. Don’t add to it.

9. Shut off your electronics and be present.

Don’t watch your life through your smart phone. Sometimes it’s cool to record things, other times things are so special they only deserve to live in your memory. Don’t miss out on those.

10. Give someone or something your undivided attention.

Hold a person’s eye contact, listen to what they have to say, and make them your priority. Focus on a project so intently that you have no idea how much time has passed.

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