15 Healthy Choices To Help You Be Your Best Self

15 Healthy Choices To Help You Be Your Best Self

How Many Of These Healthy Habits
Have You Incorporated Into Your Lifestyle?

Take the Stairs instead of the elevator
Find Something Active You Enjoy and stay active
Read Labels and be on guard for less than healthy ingredients
Choose Whole Grains and add more fiber to your diet
Minimize Sugar where possible
Minimize Salt when you can


Minimize GMOS as often as possible
Minimize Pesticides that can be prevalant in many of our foods
Minimize HormoneDisruptors that can cause problems in your body
Eat Mostly Plants & Fish to maximize better health
Drink Plenty of Water to stay hydrated
Spice Things Up for greater health benefits
Be Your Own Best Friend and not your own worst enemy
Get Enough Quality Sleep for energy, clarity and to help your body heal
Cultivate Resiliency and arm yourself for future challenges

  Pete Szekely

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