A better quality of life … naturally

A better quality of life … naturally

Human beings live longer today, in comparison to life expectancy in the past. But what will our health be like when we reach our twilight years?

The typical North American Lifestyle is littered with television, sugar, salt, alcohol, and fat. Motivated by profit, many companies have altered their products to look and taste good, at the cost of our health and wellness. Fruits and vegetables have been genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides so the grocery stores can sell nice looking produce. The animals we eat are injected with hormones and other chemicals … we, in turn ingest what our food has been subject to.

I am not interested in living forever, but I am concerned with quality of life. I know making healthy lifestyle choices can greatly improve my chances of being an active, healthy and happy person in my latter years.

In a world of allergies, cancer, toxins and disease, it can be difficult to find smart alternatives and stay healthy. This site is all about health and wellness … about food, exercise, attitude and positivity. We hope to inspire you to do all you can and to be at your best every day.

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