The upside of allergies

The upside of allergies

Many of us suffer from allergies. The pharmaceutical industry makes millions of dollars marketing products to consumers who are are looking for relief from runny noses, itchiness, and various other unpleasant symptoms.

The silver lining in this cloud:
People suffering from allergies may be less likely to contract cancer than others.

Scientists believe that adverse reactions stimulate the immune system, helping to ward off other potentially fatal conditions. One study found that asthmatics were 30 percent less likely to get ovarian cancer than others, and children with allergies to airborne substances were 40 percent less likely to develop leukaemia than other youngsters. Children with airborne allergies also had reduced rates of throat, skin, lung and intestinal cancer. Other studies showed that having an allergy or hay fever lowered the chances of getting pancreatic cancer by up to 58 percent.

Perhaps this is another example of
what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

source: Topnews.In

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