Self- Fulfilling Prophecies

Self- Fulfilling Prophecies

I’d like to share a secret with you. On many occasions, when I have been faced with a difficult task, I have found myself doubting my ability to achieve it. I can hear this negative thought within me saying “I can’t do it.

It’s funny how powerful your mind can be.

Most of us are way too hard on ourselves. Self esteems are fragile, and rarely do we give ourselves the credit we deserve.

Our self doubts can often be so powerful, they usually shape the outcome of our activity. If we picture ourselves failing, much of the time you can bet we will.

The opposite is true as well. If you imagine yourself succeeding, you are more likely to.

I have learned to combat that negative voice inside me with another voice. This voice is my advocate, my champion, my inner hero. It also uses 3 little words. YES, YOU CAN!

These three words can be VERY powerful. For me, they counter act negativity and self doubt often. I have made it a habit to combat insecurity
with those three words, and it has become effective in helping in countless challenging situations.

This is a great example of how self affirmations can be an excellent way of helping you succeed.

The mind is a very powerful tool … a tool you can utilize to improve your life, help you be more successful more often and achieve our goals. Try being your biggest cheerleader next time you are challenged … encourage and believe in yourself.

~ Pete Szekely

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