20 Things Happy People Do Every Day

20 Things Happy People Do Every Day

By Jennifer White

Lately I’ve been having some down days. Sometimes life throws me lemons, and I let them make my life sour. Then, I remember that I’m not that kind of person—I’m the sort who makes awesome limoncello and throws a party. So here are some tips on how to pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you need to, and become the person that you know you have the power to be—here are 20 things that happy people do every single day.

1. Smile—a lot (pass on that happiness).

2. Say “yes” to something that makes you uncomfortable—because you know it’s actually good for you.

3. Practice kindness.

4. Love enthusiastically and with your entire being.

5. Re-commit to goals.

6. Talk to a friend—even if it’s just on the phone.

7. Be your own best friend (practice self-love).

8. Live your beliefs and convictions.

9. Take care of your body.

10. Do something indulgent (this could be a lot of things—a square of dark chocolate, a glass of wine, treating yourself to a yoga class or reading a few pages of a new book).

11. Remember tomorrow’s another day.

12. Let go of the little things.
13. Laugh out loud and from your soul.
14. Enjoy your alone time—even if it’s just in the shower or on the drive to work.
15. Spend time with people you enjoy.
16. Don’t let the people that you must encounter, and don’t enjoy, affect your mood for too long—let them help you grow as a person instead.
17. Grow a little bit closer to your higher self.
18. Let go of ego.
19. Do something you know you need to do but don’t want to.
20. Find the benefits in obstacles.
When life becomes challenging and a little depressing, it’s not the time to give up and accept defeat—it’s your time to shine and see that you’re made of more than you possibly ever imagined. So let this list of 20 things be just the beginning of your daily to-do list for happiness—and then get out there, put on your best smile, and keep adding to it.
Published July 23, 2012           source: mindbodygreen

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