Gift guide: 3 tips for healthy gift giving

Gift guide: 3 tips for healthy gift giving

By Jackie Middleton

Gift giving can be tricky at the best of times — especially when shopping for a healthy treat. These useful tips will help you find a perfectly healthy present for your loved one.  

‘Tis the season to treat your family and friends to gifts that they’ll truly love. Spread glad tidings and good cheer with health-conscious presents that indulge, revitalize and challenge your nearest and dearest.

Unlike yesterday’s health-themed gifts, today’s presents are no longer destined for regifting or a life sentence behind closet doors. 

From innovative fitness accessories and calorie-busting cookbooks to decadent skin-care potions and the latest video games, there’s a healthy gift guaranteed to excite loved ones of all ages on your shopping list.

 Not sure where to start? Here are three quick gift-giving tips.

1. Feel good about gift giving
If you say bah humbug to uninspired presents, give your loved ones health-conscious gifts that will complement their passions, whether that’s running, juicing or trying new experiences. It’s a win-win! They’ll be jumping for joy over such thoughtful presents, while you’ll be basking in the holiday glow that accompanies Santa-quality gift giving.

2. Support healthy lifestyle choices
Has someone close to you adopted a new exercise regimen or eating plan? Choosing gifts for friends and family members that coincide with their new mindsets encourages their healthy habits. Support is invaluable when embarking on a major life change. Your gift can proudly exclaim: “I’m 100 per cent with you!”

3. Avoid a misunderstanding
Don’t send an unintentional message with your healthy gift. For example, if your best friend has a problem with junk food or procrastinates about exercising, buying her a cookbook or yoga mat could hurt her feelings – and damage your relationship. Using holiday gifts to nudge your loved ones into a lifestyle makeover is never a good idea. Instead, select a healthy gift that is subtle, yet fun.

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