Manifest The Life You Desire

Manifest The Life You Desire

As we journey further down the path of who we truly are, making sure that you are creating a life that also reflects who you truly are is imperative. For our inner and outer worlds coincide and work together to create our realities.

The definition of a Manifestation is: An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.

Manifestations occur when you have asked and willed the Universe for something, the Universe will respond based on where your focus lays. You must embody, integrate and put action forth to Be who you truly are and to Create a life and world you call home.

Lack mentality has over taken humanity like a festering disease, causing us to project our focus on the opposite of our desire.

How is this so? It is because we are separate from our self as a whole and isolated from what truly serves us and makes us happy.

When we ask the universe for something, such as abundance, but end up with lack instead; it could be because our actual focal point is on the lack one is experiencing in their life.

This can be Transformed when one see’s the pattern of Lack based thought forms; And in the place of these thoughts one can transform and stop them before they blossom into the weeds that they are. And in the Garden of your mind, May fresh and vibrantly Wild fruit grow.

So when trying for Abundance, first try for gratitude; You must feel abundant to be abundant.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that through our conscious and our subconscious thoughts we manipulate our internal and external reality.This Law is responsible for all of the negative and positive experiences that one may encounter (past,present ,and future) during their lifetime.

Negative energies get stored in the energy field and can  cause Blockages in ones Chakra centers and energy systems with in the body.These  emotions may have never been addressed or validated in the past so they wait for nurturing and love like a child seeking comfort.


When we can be Aware of what these negative energy’s feel like we can then Transform by sending them the Love and acceptance they desire, to aid in the integration and Evolution of The Whole You. These Negative energy’s can be felt as:  Resentment, Loathing, Soul wounds&fractures, Suppressed emotional/Spiritual/Mental/and Physical desires, etc.

We are encased in a spectacular Human Instrument that when purified of blockages and used correctly can manifest ones truest desires and highest purpose.

So now we are going to get to the Basics, before you take off and began your manifesting know that Focus is key. Humanity has grown cut off and separate from ones true calling and purest expression, causing our focal points to be highly overactive and unorganized.

First, what do you want to manifest into your experience? Why?  What will this manifestation/s bring into your life?

How does what you are working towards materializing reflect you as a unique individual?

If you chose happiness as something you would like to manifest into your life, the key word here is You. What makes You happy? If You are unsure what makes you happy, you can try asking yourself what does not make you happy.

Example- if being lied to is one of those things, then honesty can be something you can implement into your personal life to bring forth true happiness. What can You do right now that will help Honesty be a effortless part of your life?

If Comfort is something you are seeking more of in your life, know what you are asking in great detail. What makes you comfortable? Why do you want more comfort in your life? What makes you uncomfortable, and why?

Example-  something that makes you uncomfortable could be your living situation. What is uncomfortable about it, and why do allow this discomfort in your life? How can you change it to have more comfort aligned to what personally pleases you?

The Universe will only support what You are manifesting into your experience, it is up to you what you will receive.

There is Action required when manifesting the life we want, there is no entity or being that will enter into your dwelling encased in fluid sunlight that will align your life as you wish.

You are that being, you are that entity that can will your life to align ideally to your desires.

Manifesting takes Detail, Focus, Knowing ones truest desires/passions/interests(shadow aspects and all), and Action to “Pull” it all into reality.

If you can see yourself doing something chances, are you can do it.

When trust in ones self, purpose, and Timing is combined with devotion and focus, anything is Possible.

I wish you luck on your journeys in manifesting the life that completely matches you as The Authentic Spark of Light that You are.

FEBRUARY 7, 2015         AMANDA NIX

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