15 Lies Nobody Should Believe

15 Lies Nobody Should Believe

What you believe and what you don’t believe are intricately connected. Sometimes it’s easier to look at the things you definitely do NOT want to believe in order to find what it is that you DO want to believe. Believe the opposite of these 15 lies, and the truth will set you free!

1. Five more minutes of sleep will help me.
The snooze button seems like a good idea while sleepy, but you’ll get much more benefit from going to sleep earlier and not interrupting the last 30 minutes of your sleep every five minutes. In fact, the science suggests that using the snooze buttons does more harm than good.
2. I need ____ to be happy.
The only word that fits in that blank is “contentment.” The idea that you need anything else isn’t true.
3. All [type of people] are [attribute].
Stereotypes don’t just hurt other people, they hurt the ones who make them. If you assume, for example, that all men are jerks because you know a few of them, you’ll miss out on the ones who aren’t.
4. I’m better or worse than other people.
We can sort people by height, income, weight, race, and favorite football team, but we’re all human; we’re all important and valuable. We have different attributes, abilities, and skills, but no person should be defined (for better or worse) by those alone.
5. I can’t change.
Change is possible if you go about it the right way. Most people try to change everything at once, which doesn’t work. Change must be done methodically: it takes time and repetition for the subconscious to process and accept it. Aim for consistency, not quantity.
6. Trying is futile.
Trying is everything! Stephen King was rejected dozens of times before he became one of the world’s best-selling authors. When other authors would have stopped trying, he didn’t. If you’re not trying, then what are you doing? Trying is everything!
7. The world is against me.
Generally speaking, the world is neither for or against you. Remember that you teach the world how to treat you. Think again about Stephen King being rejected so many times. The world wasn’t against him, it just hadn’t noticed him yet. Keep trying.
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8. My dreams are dead.
As long as you’re alive, so are your dreams. That’s the most logical way to look at it.
9. I’m too young or too old to make a difference.
If you look throughout history, you’ll see that people of all ages have shaped it. Don’t use age as an excuse. Use it as extra motivation, if anything.
10. If I’m not motivated, I can’t take action.
Motivation doesn’t precede action — it follows action. When I realized and applied this, I changed my life. I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m reading and writing daily, and I’m a best-selling author; it’s all directly a result of not believing this lie anymore.
11. I’m stuck.
This isn’t a lie, actually. Because if you believe it, then you’ll be it. Don’t believe it though, because the present moment is neutral, and an opportunity to move forward.
12. People don’t like me.
It may be true that some people don’t like you, but there are 7 billion of us on Earth. Find your people.
13. I’m not talented enough.
Talent isn’t nearly as important as practicing. Natural talent helps, but it’s hardly ever a make or break factor.
14. I want candy.
Your taste buds want candy and your brain probably wants the sugar-triggered reward. But your body wants broccoli. You only want candy on a superficial level. Deep down, you want broccoli and you want it raw. Mmm!
15. I am a victim.
It’s not correct to say that you are a victim in the present moment. Maybe you were a victim, but if you’re currently free, you’re no longer a victim. It’s best to avoid the “victim mindset.” Victims have things happen to them, while non-victims are free to create their own path. No matter what has happened to you before, you can begin a new path and a new life today.
BY STEPHEN GUISE      JUNE 30, 2014 

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